Welcome to Charlie's Virtual Family Porch!

Welcome to Charlie's Virtual Family Porch
Welcome to Charlie's porch!

Welcome to Charlie's virtual family porch! Pull up a chair & sit a spell.
Our virtual porch is located in Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada....
Just follow the sounds of children playing and you'll be sure to find us!!
I hope you enjoy your stay. I will be constantly adding new family
pictures, so please check back often!
Care for a cup of tea?

Charlie's virtual porch

This site contains family photos, lots of
photos of my daughter, Tessa Marie and our sons,
Jesse Alexander and Jaime Lee and I will also be adding construction
photos as our new home emerges so you can watch it's progress.

Charlie's virtual porch
Charlie, Ronny, Tessa & Jesse; May 2002

Charlie & Ronny with children
Tessa (4 years) and Jesse (1 year); May 2002.

Charlie's virtual porch


April 20, 2003: Jaime Lee was baptised on Easter Sunday. Please check out his photos of the baptism ceremony plus his portraits in his baptism gown.

March 9, 2003: Our son, Jaime Lee arrived into this world!! Come visit Jaime's website for his birth story, birth photos and new family photos!!!

February 2003: Our Virtual Family Porch was declared a
Top Ten iVillage Site!! Thanks again, iVillage!!!

May 2002: I am proud to announce that our family porch
has been declared a SUPERSITE!! Thanks iVillage!!!

Charlie's Virtual Family Porch
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Charlie's Virtual Family Porch
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Charlie's virtual porch

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Charlie's Virtual Family Porch

This site was created on the 17th of July, 2000.

You are listening to Debussey's "Claire de Lune".
I find this piece very relaxing... feel free to relax
on the porch and enjoy the music.

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This page was last updated on the 7th of October, 2003.

This page was created by Charlie with love...
when she's not busy chasing kids, she can be found on
Charlie's Virtual Family Porch!

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