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Here is a list of the webrings that I manage. I hope you will find something here that suits your website.

A general rule for ALL rings is that the sites be family-safe, free of profanity, hatred or pornography. That being said, please be advised that certain rings may contain *sensitive* subject matter; such as childbirth photos in the doula rings. Personally, I consider that to be safe for family viewing, but I know not everyone shares the same views on that.

I do actually visit each site, rather than just run the nav-bar checker to make sure that the site matches the theme of the ring. You must enter the url of the page where you actually placed the ssnb code- a link to another area of your site is not sufficient. The "pass-L" will not be considered a pass by the nav checker in these rings.

Thanks for your interest and happy surfing!!

~ Charlie

p.s. There is a lot of confusion over the new changes at webring; I'm still trying to figure it all out myself. I'm not quite sure what this will mean for me. I have already released some of my very small rings as webring no longer wants people to manage a large amount of rings (though we had been doing a good job of it for a long time...) I've already had battles with rings taken from me and ssnb codes changing mysteriously... I don't have the answers to these issues. I hope things will settle down soon.

Charlie's webrings

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Charlie's webrings

Charlie's webrings

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